walking 10,000 steps/day

10,000 steps is a perfect goal for walking. You can take it as a daily challenge. You can also find fun and enjoyable part from it if you walk with friends or family members. Here describes a list of the 10 major benefits of every day walking.

  1. Burns Fat

Majority of us is suffering with excess body fat. The reason behind that is lack of proper exercise and movement. While walking, you can loss your excess fat.

  1. Strengthens Your Heart

Heart diseases can be occurring at any age. Heart controls overall health of the body. It has an incredible importance in your health. High blood pressure and high cholesterol damages your heart. So walking is best to keep your heart healthy and prevent heart diseases.

  1. Reduces Stress

Walking sets your mind to a meditative state, gives more energy and boost endorphins. These factors help to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mood and reduces dementia. Stress reducing through walking is more effective when you walk with your friend and shares your feelings.

  1. 4. Sharpens Your Memory

Improving memory and blocking cognitive diseases can easily achieve by a daily 30 min walking

  1. Keeps a Normal Blood Pressure

High blood pressure damages your body, heart and lead to diseases like stroke. Walking some time in morning, mid-day, evening has same benefit as getting 30 minutes of intensive exercise. It helps you to keep your blood pressure at normal rates. Adding walking routine to daily lives and habits will help control the blood pressure.

  1. Manage Your Weight

Depending upon the duration and intensity of walking, you can manage your weight without go on extreme diets or exercise. To promote weight loss add interval walking, keeping a certain pace and use wearable for measuring steps.

  1. Easy On the Joints

Walking is a great exercise for those who suffer from joint pain, because it has low impact on the joints. Also it is low cost and can be done anywhere without any special equipment.

  1. Improves Strength of Bones

Walking is considered as the weight-bearing exercise. When doing walking, it applies a pressure on the bones, which helps the bones to work more and gain strength.

Osteoporosis is a condition of bones become weak and brittle. The things to increase the strength of bone include exercise like walking. If individuals have Osteoporosis, they can’t do any risky exercise. So walking is the best exercise to them.

  1. Overcome Insomnia

Walking helps to reduce our stress and increase mood. It helps to improve the sleep. To overcome insomnia, the best time for walking is in late afternoon or early evening. It helps to staying a long time in deep sleep and falling asleep more quickly.

  1. Improves Mental Health

Mental health is mainly depends on your body health. If your body health is better, you will get a peace in your mind. Through walking you can manage sleep, heart health and sharpens your memory. By proper walking, it will improve your overall mental health.

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