Time to get rid of these from your food basket!

Strike off these from your meal plans!

The number of deaths occurring each year falls on an increasing scale. While this can be attributed to a numerous causes, deaths due to cardiovascular diseases tops the list. And the figures are quite surprising if you take the age groups into consideration.  Many young people are diagnosed with heart diseases and become victims to heart attacks which results in a great loss of the most productive people of a generation. A number of ways can be put forth to take care of your health, thus contributing towards a sound heart. One of the most commonly advised and easily adoptable solution is to take care of what you eat to take care of your heart!

What to eat and what not to eat is often a big dilemma since you can never have a full list of it. An efficacious attempt would be to sort out the commonly consumed foods. As an initial step, understand which all foods are your heart’s worst enemies; then, get rid of them from your diet slowly; and that will make you ready for the inclusion of all healthy food to your diet. A peek into those that needs to be kicked out of your list will help you with this.

  1. Salty and salted under no circumstances

It is agree that nothing tastes good without salt, but be aware that too much of it raises the blood pressure causing hypertension. High BP often leads to heart failure.

Some less obvious presence of salt are found in these foods:

  • Canned vegetables – Veggies are never your enemies but the canned ones with preservatives and the sauces contain sodium.
  • Restaurant soups – The steaming bowl of your favorite hot and sour soups contain high sodium content from all the sauces used in.
  • Cold Cuts – A sandwich in the morning is usually an easy breakfast and we load them up with layers of deli meat and processed cheese and these are the culprits of sodium.
  1. Sweet in your life, not on your table

You are likely to be diabetic if you consume too much of sugar. Diabetes increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

  • Candy – A most direct form of added sugar and added sugars contributes to belly fat that makes you prone to heart diseases.
  • Soft drinks – Soft drinks contain sugary syrups which does you no good.
  • Sugary cereals – Breakfast cereals contain the amount of sugar which can make crave you for more sugar throughout the day.
  • Cookies and pastries – The baked delights which mark their presence on all occasions comes with a lot of added sugar and trans fat.
  1. No Deep-fried foods

Fried foods increase you cholesterol levels which can lead to heart blocks. Many commercially used frying oils contain saturated fats and they are repeatedly used which multiplies the harm. It culminates in weight gain and can make you obese.

  • French Fries – An irresistible to-go-with all your palates but it is a higher threat to your health.
  • Fried Chicken – An offer of a juicy bucket can never be turned down. But know that if you want to keep your heart healthy for years, practice a ‘no’ once in a while.
  • Fried Snacks – An unavoidable set of snacks, but when your heart asks for it, treat it with other delights.
  1. Cut down your carbs

Carbohydrates are linked to fatty acid and type II diabetes which is associated to many heart diseases.

  • Breads – The fluffy breads you buy are made from less nutritional high carb value all purpose flour. Choose your breads wisely.
  • Pizza – A meat loaded pizza which you take in for one meal have enough calories for a day.
  • Burgers – Remember that these which are always in the junk foods list is in there for a reason.
  1. Fats

 Fats are a direct danger to your heart. They increase blood cholesterol and deposits on your walls which results in heart block.

  • Margarine – Favoured for their easiness of  spreading on your toasts and creamy texture , it contains a high amount of hydrogenated oil that are sources  of trans fat.
  • Ice creams – While we like to have really creamy ones, they also tend to have large amount of trans fat and increase our cholesterol levels.
  • Butter – Butter consists of 80 percentage fats and more than 400 fatty acids.

Well, it is always tough for the foodies to say a long-term goodbye to these munchkins, so no obligation to short visits to your favorite ones.

Yeah, and when you are ready, wait for our next post to see what you can replace them with.

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